OUR customers choose SkinKote because they want PEACE OF MIND that their valuable investment in their home or commercial building is protected from the elements and want the same curb appeal at the end of their warranty period as the day we completed the project. Our simple Maintenance Program is designed to give them that assurance.

On each anniversary of the completion date of the project, SkinKote will send a Certified Coating Inspector to inspect the following:

1) Caulking for cracks or shrinkage
2) Checking for any signs of flaking, cracking or peeling.
3) Rotten wood
4) Mold, mildew or dirt

The cost to our customer will be $125 per inspection and the inspection will be ANNUALLY. This Maintenance Agreement will end on the date of the Warranty expiration. Any issues covered under our warranty agreement will be rectified expediently at not cost to the customer. Our Certified Coating Inspector will advise of any cost associated with Non-Warrantied items and the customer has the option to allow SkinKote to take care of them or defer to another contractor.

OUR GOAL is to keep your home or business looking spiffy for the duration of your Warranty!